Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Deal with Old iPhone if you Want to Buy iPhone 6/6 Plus

As the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release, some of the crazy iPhone fans may get ready to buy a new iPhone. However, what about their old phones, how to deal with them, what they should notice to, will their personal privacy to be leaked? That’s a question. It is true that every time when Apple released their new mobile phone, their fans have to face with hard alternatives. On one hand, their old phones can use after all, on other hand; they feel like trying the new smart phone. Consequently, how to deal with the old phone is a worrying issue.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Idea 1: Give it to other person

Perhaps the most directly method is give it to other person. Such as the Jim, he says that he prepares to buy an iPhone 6 to his wife, and then he gets his wife’s iPhone 5s, he gives his iPhone 5 to his mother, his mother gives her iPhone 4s to his father. Well, this measure is not so bad.

Idea 2: Collect the Old Phone

Some of the persons may choose to collect their old phones. In that case, if you own the first generation iPhone, most of the collectors may want to pay 2,000 dollars to buy it. You should know that the newest iPhone 6 Plus 64 G is about 1149 dollars! Consequently, it would be a nice idea to keep your old phone and wait for the buyer.

Idea 3: Change Old iPhone with New One

Last year, Apple promoted the trade-in activity to change your old iPhone with a new one. And there will be a highest deduction of $280 for the customers who would like to change their old iPhone to the new one. However, such plan is not supported in China.

It is said that Apple has a set of specialized assessment system. According to the comprehensive factors such as iPhone's screen quality, quality of buttons, hardware damage degree, whether it is lettered or not, whether it has ever been damaged by liquid or not, whether it can be switch normally or not to calculates the iPhone old machine’s price. Apple Company carries out the plan of Apple Retail store to increase the sales of the new iPhone.

Idea 4: Sell the Old iPhone

Another way to cope with your old phone is to sell it and then use the money to buy a new iPhone. Because of the good value of iPhone, if your old phone is totally in good use, you might as well sell it to a price that is not so bad. By the way, you have better not sell your iPhone to the small stores, in case of some illegal behavior.

PS: You have better backup and clear your iPhone data before selling it
No matter to change the old iPhone to the new, or to sell it, you need to backup the old data or delete some data. The points are:
1.Use iCloud or iTunes to backup data in your old iPhone. You also need to backup some of the important chat record.
2.Log out of your Apple ID to protect your personal privacy of App Store.
3.Restore factory setting. In the setting of iPhone, you can restore it to the factory setting. At the same time, you can move some files or videos that are inessential. In that case, you can prevent the old files are recovered.
4. Take out or delete the data in your SIM card.
5.Make sure that you have deleted the contacts, photos and calendar in the old phone.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Forgot iPhone Backup Password - How to Unlock Forgotten iPhone Backup Password

Generally speaking, nearly all the iPhone users know they are able to backup data for their iPhone by using iTunes. The data can be the message, the call history, the pictures, the music or any other else. With this iTunes backup, it is so convenient for us to backup the iPhone data and we don't have to worry about data loss. To speak of, there is a backup option on iPhone backups and you can check to encrypt iPhone backup. Once you check it, you can type the password and the next time you have to type the backup password when you need to backup your iPhone data. However, what if you forgot iPhone backup password carelessly? In this article, you can read more information.

The iPhone backup password is a key to open the iPhone backups. Even though we have to type the password to enter the iPhone backups, for some iPhone users, the personal information is so important than any other else. Therefore, they have to create a password to unlock their iPhone backups in order to prevent other unexpected visits. They can also change the backup password when they think the password is not so safe. However, once they lost iPhone backup password, they are able to do anything on their iPhone backups.

Therefore, they need to unlock iPhone backup password and find out a good way to do that. But who is able to unlock the password with himself? Unless he or she remembers the password, they are unable to crack it. Thus, they have to make use of the third-party tools to recover iTunes backup password on their iPhone successfully.
What it the better iPhone backup unlocker? I think the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is the better tool. It is the advanced iTunes backup password recovery tool for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs. It also supports iPad and iPod. You can see how to use it as below:
  • Step 1: Google search  and download and install iTunes Backup Password Recovery to your Windows-based computer and then double click the icon to open this tool.
  • Step 2: After opening this tool, you can click the Open button and then insert your iPhone backup file to this tool.
  • Step 3: Then you can see three password attack options. They are Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. You can choose one of them.
  • Step 4: Click the Start button and then wait for a moment to find out the password of your iPhone backup file. Then you are able to recover iTunes iPhone backup password successfully.

That’s all about how to unlock iPhone backup password with iPhone backup unlocker when you forgot iPhone backup password. Good luck!

Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Restore iTunes Backup Password After Updating iPhone to iOS 7

Recent many iPhone users update their iOS system to iOS7.That is exciting news for Apple Inc. However, for the iPhone users, the iOS7 got them crazy at times. Because when they update their system to iOS7, there are many problems on it. And one of the problems is that they lost data on their iPhone. It is quite awful for an iPhone user to their data because there are so many information on it, including their message, contacts, photos, notes etc! What's even worse, when they want to restore the data and connect their iPhone to iTunes, they are required to type the iTunes backup password. The worst thing is that they lost iTunes backup password by accident!!! That seems unbelievable but it is really truth. Well, no hurry, in this article you will learn how to restore iTunes backup password after updating iPhone to iOS7.

First of all, let's make a list of your iPhone iOS7 updating problem:
  1. If you update your iPhone mobile operating system to iOS7 but you have never backup it, you may lost all the data.
  2. If you remind that you have ever backup the iPhone data on iTunes backup and that data are stored in your PC, some of your data may be found back.
  3. If you try to connect your iPhone to PC and open the iTunes backup, and you have ever encrypted iPhone backup, then click the Restore Backup button and then it asks for a password to unlock backup, you can type the password to begin recovering your data.
  4. If you forgot iPhone backup password carelessly at this time, then you will have to restore this password in iTunes in order to retrieve your lost iPhone data.
In consequence, you have to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone in order to restore lost data after updating to iOS7. Then the problem turns out to be how to restore iTunes backup password. On account of Apple didn't provide a useful guide, we have to make use of the third-party software to unlock the password.

As far as I am concerned, there is a professional iPhone backup unlocker named SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery and it is designed to recover iTunes backup password for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPad and iPod Touch. With it, you are able to access password protected iPhone backup files in iTunes. It is famous and easy to use.

How to use this practical iTunes backup password recovery tool? Only need several simple steps to do that. You can see it as below:

Step 1: Download this iTunes backup password recovery program and then install it to your Windows-based computer. Then click to open this tool. Remember it is only support Windows OS.

Step 2: Click the Open button to insert your locked iPhone backup files. If you can't find it, you can try to default path as below:
  • Windows 8: C:\Users>USERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>MobileSync>Backup
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\uer\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Bckup
  • Windows Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Bckup
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
Step 3: Then you can see three password attack types, which are brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack. Just check on and follow your heart to set parameters of each attack.

Step 4: Click the Start button and then wait for a moment to find out your iPhone backup file password.

That's all about how to use an iTunes backup password recovery tool to recover iTunes iPhone backup password of iPhone backup file, then you can restore data of your iPhone after updating your iPhone to iOS7. For more details you can check out:

Saturday, August 31, 2013

iTunes Ask for a Password to Unlock Backup, How to Recover?

Question: iTunes ask for a password to unlock backup, how to recover?

I have an iPhone5 and it is a birthday gift from my dad. I like this iPhone5 very much because I can save lots of videos and pictures on it, also I can save a number of contacts so I don't have to remember all the phone numbers. But one day when I connect my iPhone5 to the Windows PC, iTunes asks for a password to unlock backup. I don't know why. I have never set up any password. I have no idea whether somebody had setup a backup password or not. Please does anyone have any good ideas to help me unlock or recover iTunes backup password on iPhone5?

recover iTunes backup password

Answer: Use professional iTunes iPhone backup password recovery tool

I think to unlock iPhone5 encrypted backup password, the best way is to use a professional iTunes backup password recovery tool to find it out and then save or delete the password forever. To me, the SmartKey iTunes Backup Password Recovery is the most convenient and effective software to unlock iTunes backup file password.

No matter you lost or forgot iTunes backup password on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can always use it to find out the password. Once you get the lost password back, you can do everything you like on this password. You can continue to use it or just remove the password forever, so that you don't have to enter the password in order to restore from an iPhone backup. Well, you can deal with it as long as you like.

After this brief introduction, you may need to know how to use this iPhone backup password recovery tool, now let's see how it works as below:

Step 1: Download and install it.

Step 2: Open and import locked iTunes backup file.

Step 3: Choose one password attack types to recover iTunes iPhone backup password.

Done! It is so easy to do that! I hope you learn a lot from this tool. For more details about this smart key, you can search on the Internet and get more tips from its website.