Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Deal with Old iPhone if you Want to Buy iPhone 6/6 Plus

As the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release, some of the crazy iPhone fans may get ready to buy a new iPhone. However, what about their old phones, how to deal with them, what they should notice to, will their personal privacy to be leaked? That’s a question. It is true that every time when Apple released their new mobile phone, their fans have to face with hard alternatives. On one hand, their old phones can use after all, on other hand; they feel like trying the new smart phone. Consequently, how to deal with the old phone is a worrying issue.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Idea 1: Give it to other person

Perhaps the most directly method is give it to other person. Such as the Jim, he says that he prepares to buy an iPhone 6 to his wife, and then he gets his wife’s iPhone 5s, he gives his iPhone 5 to his mother, his mother gives her iPhone 4s to his father. Well, this measure is not so bad.

Idea 2: Collect the Old Phone

Some of the persons may choose to collect their old phones. In that case, if you own the first generation iPhone, most of the collectors may want to pay 2,000 dollars to buy it. You should know that the newest iPhone 6 Plus 64 G is about 1149 dollars! Consequently, it would be a nice idea to keep your old phone and wait for the buyer.

Idea 3: Change Old iPhone with New One

Last year, Apple promoted the trade-in activity to change your old iPhone with a new one. And there will be a highest deduction of $280 for the customers who would like to change their old iPhone to the new one. However, such plan is not supported in China.

It is said that Apple has a set of specialized assessment system. According to the comprehensive factors such as iPhone's screen quality, quality of buttons, hardware damage degree, whether it is lettered or not, whether it has ever been damaged by liquid or not, whether it can be switch normally or not to calculates the iPhone old machine’s price. Apple Company carries out the plan of Apple Retail store to increase the sales of the new iPhone.

Idea 4: Sell the Old iPhone

Another way to cope with your old phone is to sell it and then use the money to buy a new iPhone. Because of the good value of iPhone, if your old phone is totally in good use, you might as well sell it to a price that is not so bad. By the way, you have better not sell your iPhone to the small stores, in case of some illegal behavior.

PS: You have better backup and clear your iPhone data before selling it
No matter to change the old iPhone to the new, or to sell it, you need to backup the old data or delete some data. The points are:
1.Use iCloud or iTunes to backup data in your old iPhone. You also need to backup some of the important chat record.
2.Log out of your Apple ID to protect your personal privacy of App Store.
3.Restore factory setting. In the setting of iPhone, you can restore it to the factory setting. At the same time, you can move some files or videos that are inessential. In that case, you can prevent the old files are recovered.
4. Take out or delete the data in your SIM card.
5.Make sure that you have deleted the contacts, photos and calendar in the old phone.